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Tring School

Tring School joined the Young Ambassadors’ scheme in 2016. Here they discuss what being a Young Ambassador for RE means to them.

What does it mean to be a Young Ambassador for Religious Education?

Being a Young Ambassador for Religious Education promotes teamwork; encourages people to share opinions; breaks the negative stigma/stereotype surrounding RE by making it engaging and fun, while also enabling people to learn true values and understand each other.

There is a common misconception that Religious Education is only about religion. But this is not the case! As young ambassadors for RE we are able to break this stereotype and show people that RE is more than just religion – it is about beliefs all around the world on many controversial and interesting topics such as moral decisions. RE allows students and teachers to express their views without judgement. Moreover, RE allows us to discuss topics that are rarely talked about which are actually really significant to what it is to be human. As RE ambassadors we can lobby for this to be a larger part of student life while gaining valuable experience ourselves.

Overall Young Ambassador for Religious Education has a positive impact on us as we gain skills such as teamwork that look brilliant on a UCAS or CV application but most importantly, we can have a positive impact on others in our community. Whether it is acting as the student voice to share opinions or breaking the stigma of what RE really is, we can make a positive impact.

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