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The Redhill Academy

Redhill Academy

The Redhill Academy has been part of the Young Ambassadors for RE scheme since 2013. At a school level, they have been involved in their school’s Philosophy Society, and more widely have led lessons at a local primary school and presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Religious Education. They have also received media coverage in SecEd, and have spoken on local BBC radio about the importance of religious education.

This video includes clips from their visit to a local primary school and their school trip to Krakow to visit Auschwitz.

In 2016, the Young Ambassadors travelled down to London twice, for the Young Ambassadors’ conference held at Conway Hall and the Westminster Youth Debate held at Westminster Palace. This year they travelled to a Commission on RE evidence gathering session in York where they spoke to commissioners about why RE is important for them and their lives and made a plea for the inclusion of minority religions in their studies. They made particular reference to the importance of understanding religion and belief in the context of media reports.

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