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Prenton High School for Girls

Year 10 pupils Megan, Jane, Beth, Chloe and Charlotte from Prenton High School for Girls became Young Ambassadors for RE in 2018. In their application essay, they discussed the power of Religious Education for reducing hate crimes by increasing understanding of different faiths and beliefs:

“If society is to be truly inclusive, we all need to be equipped with the skills to understand all the different beliefs and values and approach them with respect, open-mindedness and tolerance. We need to work to build a society that can celebrate all religious and non-religious belief systems.”

Since joining the YA4RE team, Prenton’s Young Ambassadors have participated in a Youth Parliament debate about the importance of religion and RE, took part in the Wirral Holocaust Memorial Commemoration, organised P4C in a local primary school, and begun their own weekly Ambassador meeting with discussions on human rights and current affairs.

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