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Broughton High School Young Ambassadors for RE

Broughton High School

Broughton High School has been part of the Young Ambassadors for RE scheme since 2013, and their team is keen to ask the big questions:

‘One thing we have learnt in RE is that human existence is complicated; life is often difficult and challenging. However, learning about and from one another’s different beliefs and values is a great support system for life… If we have any hope of understanding our world we must try to understand the religious communities and belief systems that it is built on. In our RE lessons we not only learn about the beliefs and values of the world’s religions, we also ask questions about how this affects us and our lives: How can we decide what is true? Can life ever be perfect? Is religion a source of conflict or force for peace? Is human life special?’

As part of their RE Ambassador role, they have interviewed a Sufi Muslim as part of a YA assignment and participated in the Lancashire RE debate. Broughton High School is a holder of the RE Quality Mark Gold award.

Broughton High School Young Ambassadors for RE
The Broughton RE Ambassadors at the Young Ambassadors’ conference in 2016 with their teacher Ms Harris.
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