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Lewin Road Baptist Church

Lewin Road Baptist Church


Walk back along Gleneagles Road to the main A23 road and turn right up the hill. You will pass the United Reformed Church.

You could decide to have a picnic now, on Streatham Common, which you will see ahead, on the other side of the road.

Take the second turn right, after the URC church, into Lewin Road. From here on you are in quiet residential roads (good talking/reflecting time).

As you walk, notice the Christadelphian Church on the other side of the road. You will soon find yourselves at the Baptist Church.

You can easily assemble outside – no traffic issues here.

This is a very busy culturally mixed church with lively music, a strong link with Manna Bookshop and plenty of activities going on for all ages – especially for children and young people. Check out the website for more information and have a look at their weekly news bulletin.

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