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Christchurch Greyfriars Garden

Christchurch Greyfriars Garden

Go out of the exit. Walk through the pedestrianised courtyard. Turn right and go through Temple Bar gateway, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
Toilets on immediate right in Paternoster Square. The square was named after medieval monks from St Paul’s who said the Lord’s Prayer while coming through the alleys. A classical style column with a gold leaf flaming urn is in the middle.
Walk straight past the column and into Newgate Street. Turn right. Cross at lights. You will see Christchurch Greyfriars Garden on the corner.

Background information

Only the west tower remains of this historical church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, but destroyed by a fire bomb that struck its roof on 29 December 1940. The rose beds and hedges outline the shape of the church.


  • Why does this garden make an impression?
  • Should it have been rebuilt as a church?

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