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Maimonides Interfaith Foundation

Maimonides Interfaith Foundation

The Maimonides Interfaith Foundation is a dynamic, influential international charity promoting understanding and respect between people from the three Abrahamic faiths through the power of creativity, intercultural dialogue and education. At a wider level, it also helps drive discussions around key issues and challenges relating to the role of faith, religion and pluralism in the world today. It does this by creating cultural events that connect people, organising significant debates and by developing exciting educational initiatives Interfaith Explorers.

Contributions to RE

Supported by UNESCO, The Maimonides Foundation’s initiative is a free online educational learning resource designed to add value to religious education (RE), and the personal and social development of young people between the ages of 10 and 11, in ways that helps them respect religious and cultural diversity. Crucially, it helps them better understand the world they live in through the development of a range of personal and social competencies.

At the heart of Interfaith Explorers is a Learning Unit, which teachers’ access through a 6-week cross-curriculum online course to be used in the final term of pupils last year at primary school.  Alternatively teachers can use elements of the resource throughout the academic year. Key learning outcomes of Interfaith Explorers help develop children to be successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens.

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