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Avanti Schools Trust

Avanti Schools Trust

The Avanti Schools Trust is the overarching, supporting body for Hindu state-funded faith schools.

The Trust is dedicated to providing education rooted in core values of Hinduism and is open to all. It is dedicated to providing education of the very highest quality for the whole child so that she or he will take their place in society as confident, thoughtful and skilled citizens, aware of their own needs and those of others. The three key elements of this are: educational excellence; character formation and spiritual insight. These interlocking ideas and the actions that stem from them lie at the heart of successful education. The Trust is absolutely committed to ensuring that all our children get the very best.

Contributions to RE

Our ethos draws on the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya, who taught that the essence of education is to appreciate how everything has a special relationship with the divine and in that, all living things are spiritually equal. This inclusive attitude to spirituality means at all Avanti Schools, enrolments from students of any faith or none are warmly welcomed.

The curriculum offers opportunities to experience the philosophies and traditions of different faiths and each term a festival from a major tradition is celebrated, focussing on the values and character qualities that underpin the occasion. A broad-minded spiritual insight supports the idea that society is united beyond labels such as gender, race, age, ability and faith affiliation. Other aspects of school culture such as vegetarian school lunches and activities such as yoga and meditation also contribute to an atmosphere where self-awareness is spontaneous and natural.

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Address Avanti Schools Trust, Camrose Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 6ES
Telephone 020 8731 1454
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