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Warwick University Resources Review

14 September 2017
The RE Council of England and Wales welcomes the publication of this major study, commissioned and funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and produced by the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, at the University of Warwick. The team was led by Prof Robert Jackson.

Ofsted report: realising the potential

14 September 2017
Part A of this report discusses eight major areas of concern and Part B provides examples of effective practice in using enquiry as a basis for improving pupils’ learning, high-quality leadership and management in primary and secondary schools, and effective approaches in special schools.

REsilience / AtGyfnerthu Project Evaluation

31 July 2011
Over 850 schools in England and Wales were involved in at least one stage of the REsilience / AtGyfnerthu Programme. 112 schools in England and 40 in Wales participated in the full project, including contact with a mentor who visited and supported the RE department.
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