National Society (for the promotion of education), Church of England


The National Society promotes and resources 4,677 Church of England and 172 Church in Wales schools, through:

  • Negotiating with Government and other national agencies to maintain and develop the contribution of church schools to public education in England and Wales
  • Supporting and advising diocesan education teams on legal and technical, curriculum and ethos issues
  • Working closely with the Church of England Board of Education to contribute a Christian perspective to educational debate

The National Society and the Board of Education collaborate with the Catholic Education Service and the Methodist Church, along with other Christian and faith education representatives to ensure that the role and needs of faith communities are represented in national debate.

Contributions to RE

As  a consequence of building schools the National Society became the first organisation to train teachers, first in the Central School in London, then through its own colleges and through supporting colleges founded by dioceses. The teaching of Religious education in Church of England schools is based on two key principles:

  • it should be of the highest standard, always striving for excellence; and
  • it should reflect the school's distinctive Christian character and give pre-eminence to the teaching of Christianity.

Standards of teaching, learning and achievement in RE in Church of England schools are expected to be at the highest level. Appropriate teaching about other faiths and world views is given in all church schools and academies. 

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