3FF, Three Faiths Forum

none3FF (Three Faiths Forum) builds understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs. It runs education, engagement and action programmes that bring diverse communities together. Its work, which is mainly focused on the UK but also includes international activities, involves teachers, students and young professionals, faith organisations, artists and galleries, political leaders in Parliament and upcoming leaders still at university. Founded in 1997, it was originally a forum where religious and community leaders could meet. 3FF was the first forum of its kind and provided completely new opportunities for leaders from these three faiths to address issues together. Today, it works not only with leaders but with people at all levels of society.

Contributions to RE

3FF’s work relates to and contributes to RE specifically through its education programmes, provided and delivered by the Schools Team. This work stems from the belief that young people should feel confident communicating and collaborating with anybody, regardless of their faith, belief, culture or background. 3FF provides teacher training, CPD and guidance for teachers, educational resources, and trained facilitators and speakers for schools.

These programmes are structured around school workshops and a faith school linking programme. The workshop activities are proven to help young people build religious literacy, empathy and skills for dialogue and communication, while supporting the RE and Citizenship curricula.

3FF's Faith School Linking programme provides opportunities for young people from different faith backgrounds to meet and work together on a variety of activities throughout the year. It has proven to help young people to feel safe in their own identities while feeling confident as they learn from people of different faiths and beliefs. Its team supports and guides schools and teachers on how to link through teacher training days, resources and expert interfaith guidance and advice.

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